Rugged, high-quality steel French barrettes with a non-detachable spring-form stabilizer;

graphics are used on a high-quality, medium gauge aluminum base.

Barrette hinge made in France; Aluminum base  and artistry made in USA.

In two sizes:

Large:  4.5" x 1" (11.4  x 2.5 cm) overall

clasp length :  90 mm- see illustration below

Small: 3"x 3/4" (7.6  x 1.9 cm)  overall

clasp length : 60 mm- see illustration below

whimsy barrettes can be fashioned with your graphics or mine; we use many vintage ocean charts of the New England coast. email us with your inquiry  and check our Etsy site.  We have many pieces available....not all are  listed!

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whimsy  3" French barrettes

(76.2 mm)

...French barrettes In two available sizes shown here...

whimsy  4.5"  French barrettes

(114.3 mm)